New ‘Arrow’ Season 5 Promo Spoils an Upcoming Twist

     December 28, 2016


First layer of spoilers: if you aren’t caught up on Arrow Season 5 through its winter finale, get outta here!

Arrow’s winter finale was a brutal, brutal episode that left things for Stephen Amell‘s Oliver and Co. in a very dark place, setting up the villain Prometheus as someone who knows a lot about the minutia of Oliver’s life and Team Arrow. I mean, a lot.

That was all enough, frankly, to get us excited about where things might be going next for the show, but then there was that bombshell at the very end: Oliver sees Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) casually standing there in the bunker like she never died. Er, what’s going on?

Speculation has been all over the place, from her being another form of Savitar (remember how he appeared as loved ones to those close to The Flash in order to manipulate them into doing his bidding?) to being the Earth-2 version introduced last year, Black Siren. Well, a new promo reveals exactly what the truth of the situation is. Watch if you dare!

Second layer of spoilers: Laurel’s return explained!

So evidently “Laurel” is in fact Black Siren from Earth-2. That, or the timeline reset means that Earth-1 Laurel became the Black Siren because of Flashpoint. I mean, would the show really reveal this twist if that was all there was to it? That Laurel = Black Siren and just needs to be punted back to Earth-2? Or is it setting up yet another dilemma for Team Arrow where this time Oliver has to actually kill her? That would be excessively dark. And will no one thing of Quentin’s feelings here?? This might actually destroy him. (Or perhaps the most likely: will she have her own redemption arc and join Oliver as a force for good?)

But otherwise, Arrow just very unnecessarily spoiled its twist-on-a-twist. Either way, we’ll find out more when the series returns January 25th with the well-named episode “Who Are You?”  In the meantime, let us know what you think is going on, and if there is more than meets the eye here.