‘Arrow:’ Stephen Amell on Why It’s Time for Oliver to Move On from Felicity

     November 4, 2016


Relationships are ch-ch-changing on Arrow. On this week’s “Human Target, Oliver (Stephen Amell) found out that Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has a boyfriend, Detective Malone (Tyler Ritter), and even more heartbreaking that she kept the relationship a secret from her former fiancé. Ouch!

Speaking of changes, on the set in Vancouver Amell cautioned us not to call Oliver a billionaire anymore (“he’s been broke for three years”). But he also noted that he hasn’t really been a playboy, either – he’s dated one woman since Since 2. Amell then addressed that, and whether or not Oliver will be moving on romantically as well. Olicity fans, beware! A reunion between Oliver and Felicity doesn’t look to be in the cards any time soon. Who may be stealing Oliver’s heart? The very person who could be a threat to his mayorship. Below, Amell explains more about that, where he sees connections to Nolan’s Batman movies, and more.

On Felicity’s boyfriend and keeping him a secret from Oliver


Image via The CW

AMELL: “I thought that Oliver was fine, if not slightly confused that Felicity didn’t tell him that she was dating someone. I wasn’t a huge fan of the idea that she wouldn’t say something because of all the reasons that their relationship fell apart last year, which was about secrets being kept.

To me, when I played those scenes [in “Human Target”], it was just like, ‘Hey, we work together, so if you’re keeping anything from me, anything, why? Is it because you don’t trust me? And, if you don’t trust me, is that a problem?’ To me, it was really about getting to the source of what her issue was.

It was less about Oliver and more about: ‘Are we okay? Are we good? Now, it’s not just about you and me down there. We have John back in the fold, we have Thea operating the political access of Star City, and we have these new recruits looking to us for guidance, so let’s make sure that as the theoretical leaders of the team that we are on the same page.’’’

On Oliver moving on romantically

AMELL: “I don’t know if he’s ready to move on, but it’s time for Oliver to have another relationship. We actually had a moment earlier this year, I was talking with [Executive Producer] Wendy Mericle; I said, ‘Currently, we’re not allowed to say playboy. He has dated one woman since Season 2 and you know– he had a fling with Isabel Rochev. That’s it. Stop writing playboy. If you’d like him to be a playboy, then by all means, start writing him as one and then we can do it.’

I’ve had a couple of scenes with Carly [Pope] who has done a great job as Susan Williams. And I do think there will be some exploration of a certain element of romance between the two of them. I hope that people will enjoy it because I’ve found it to be really dynamic so far.”


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On Susan Williams’ intentions towards Oliver

AMELL: “It would be most interesting if Susan Williams wasn’t just necessarily a spy in the weeds, sort of in the way that there was no redeeming quality in Isabel Roshev. She was there to play Oliver from the beginning. So maybe Susan Williams is learning something, but concurrently maybe her relationship with Oliver will become dynamic and she won’t want to do what she did to Thea in the earlier part of the season.”

“Susan appears to be up to no good, but in reality, she’s just following a very interesting story. I mean, the mayor of the town where she is a news reporter was clearly not on an island for five consecutive years. Which I mean, I think it’s about time we did that. I always think back to the first Nolan Batman, I think it’s Ra’s al Ghul that says the world is too small a place for someone like Bruce Wayne to disappear. Theoretically, Oliver Queen was sort of– even if he wasn’t as famous, and he wasn’t, he did perish in a very famous incident within our story. I always thought when he was in Hong Kong that someone would stop him and be like, ‘You look like Oliver Queen.’ But, no. I’m glad that it’s happening.”

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