Colton Haynes Is Returning to ‘Arrow’

     December 13, 2017


Colton Haynes‘ Roy Harper has been gone but not forgotten from the Arrow-verse. Though he officially exited in Arrow Season 3 when his contract was up, he had a brief appearance in Season 4, and has been mentioned often on the show since. He even bequeathed his Arsenal suit to Thea so she could become Speedy. But Roy’s move to Hub City and ending his relationship with Thea has never felt quite right, so it’s great to hear that he’ll be returning to Arrow this year – even just for a short time.

EPs Marc Guggenheim and Wendy Mericle said in statement today that:

“We’re thrilled to announce that Colton Haynes will be reprising his role as Roy Harper for a short arc on Arrow this year. Roy is called back to Star City to help resolve an urgent matter with high stakes for the team. His short visit turns into something surprising when he reunites with Thea and sparks a change in both of their lives that will have long-lasting consequences…”

So I am 99.9% sure that Thea is going to leave for Hub City with Roy. The show hasn’t known what to do with her for awhile, which is a shame, because her relationship with Oliver is such an important one. Thea was conspicuously missing from most of Season 5, and has spent almost the entirety of Season 6 so far in a coma (though now she’s fine). Willa Holland, who plays Thea, reduced her episode count last year from 23 down to 14, but we don’t know what the number has been for this season. It seems like Holland may be looking to leave Arrow, but that is pure speculation. But if so, leaving town with Roy could make sense.

Regarding the rest of OTA, Roy could also potentially come in and help Diggle and Felicity in backing up Oliver, now that he’s alienated all of the newbies. Stephen Amell also teased Haynes return earlier this week:

Arrow returns in January to The CW.