‘Arrow’: David Ramsey Explains Diggle’s Shocking Decision

     April 6, 2018


Spoiler warning for those not caught up through “Brothers in Arms.”

Man, members of Team Arrow are really dropping like flies, aren’t they? Last week, Thea departed from Star City with Roy, seemingly for good, and Michael Koczwara wrote a piece for us about how — sad though her departure was — Arrow really has become overcrowded. The reality is that the show needs to lose some characters, but in the poll included at the end of that article, Diggle was the last person (other than literally Oliver Queen himself) anyone wanted to see heading out. But the Arrow gods did not hear our cry, and in “Brothers in Arms,” Diggle decided to leave the team for good, choosing instead to work more closely with his wife Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) at ARGUS.


Image via The CW

But … will it stick? David Ramsey told TV Line that,

“Diggle has made a firm choice in his life about where his place is with the team. This is something he’s discussed with his wife, so this is a major, fundamental move.”

So it sounds pretty permanent, although not to the point that we’ll never see Diggle again. Still, Felicity now remains the only other non-Oliver OTA member remaining, making way for the Newbies to return to the fold with more to do, perhaps? Diggle has always been such an important rock for Oliver, though, and losing both him and Thea feel like major losses when it comes to Oliver’s support system.

But, it also shows that Diggle is ready for a change — and a real one (not just becoming the Green Arrow for two episodes before Oliver snatches it back). It’s worth noting that when Oliver gave Diggle the mantle of Green Arrow, it was so Oliver could spend more time with his family … not considering that Diggle may want that for himself as well. On the other hand, Ramsey told us last year from the Arrow set that,

“I think it’s interesting for Diggle that last year’s crossover had the Dominators, and in that illusion they went into our heads and brought out what would be our greatest lives. And for Oliver, he got to correct a mistake he made with Laurel and get married, and for Diggle it was being the Green Arrow. I think that’s a very interesting story, that somehow, some place in Diggle, he likes wearing the hood.”

But for now, he’ll be assisting the city in other ways. Let us know your thoughts on the decision in the comments, and if you think that Diggle is really and truly done with being a part of Team Arrow (even though he’s unlikely to be done with the show — we hope, anyway!)

Arrow airs Thursday nights on The CW.