The CW Superhero Series Stars Tease Epic, Three-Hour, Four-Way Crossover “Invasion!”

     October 31, 2016


Late this November, an epic four-way crossover is coming to The CW, starting with the tail end of a Supergirl episode, continuing with The Flash and then on to Arrow‘s 100th episode, followed by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in what’s sure to be a thrilling conclusion. The three-hour, week-long event promises to be something special, and we’re learning a bit more about it as we get closer to its debut.

EW recently hosted a superpowered panel featuring Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist, Arrow’s Stephen Amell, The Flash’s Grant Gustin, Legends of Tomorrow’s Caity Lotz, and producer Greg Berlanti. The cast talked about their own respective shows with Berlanti connecting the dots for the upcoming four-way crossover, titled “Invasion!”, in which the assembled heroes will take on the Dominators. Here’s how Berlanti described the balance between solo series and the crossover plotline:

“They’re all going to have their own continuing storylines. It really does feel like, in the middle of the season, a three-hour movie.”

Take a look at the video interviews with the cast and crew from The CW superhero series below, followed by relevant quotes from all involved:

Here’s what Amell had to say about the milestone episode of Arrow that will be at the center of the crossover special:

“To me, the 100th episode had to be a crossover. It gives us a chance to do something for the fans that, in the normal course of our season, we would never get to do.”

Sticking with solo Arrow, fans can look forward to the arrival of Dolph Lundgren as the flashback villain Kovar. Amell commented on the veteran action star and his character as follows:

“He brings a different energy to the show. The first time we meet him, it just feels different — even the way that it’s shot. I mean, come on. Come on.”


Image via The CW

Olicity will be happy to know that the controversial relationship between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) will also factor in to upcoming episodes:

“We haven’t really discussed our relationship yet this season,” Amell said, “but Oliver and Felicity discuss a little bit about the relationship, and where it is, in this week’s episode.” Berlanti added, “Obviously, they work together every week. They’re very close. I can’t imagine anyone that would ever be in either of their lives that would replace the other person.”

Gustin talked about the difference between this crossover and previous ones:

“This one’s just bigger. Almost everyone interacts with every other character at a certain point.”


Image via CBS

As for The Flash, Gustin talked about his character’s emotional burden resulting from the Flashpoint debacle:

“Barry’s got a lot of feelings. He’s a sensitive guy. He beats himself up, I think, quite a bit. As soon as he starts to realize what the repercussions are, it weighs on him heavily.”

Berlanti also teased a new villainous speedster who’s due to arrive any day now on The Flash. 

On Legends of Tomorrow, Lotz reflects on her character’s new position as leader of the title team:

“I think she’s kind of naturally been backseat leader [already]. But now that it’s actually her responsibility, I think it’s kind of stressful, because everything’s your fault. She’s kind of got to get her act together.”

We’ll see upwards of 17 superhero characters possibly unite during the crossover epic in order to take on the Dominators. It really is shaping up to be appointment television, a rarity in this day of binge-worthy watches. Are you excited to check it out? Let us know in the comments!