‘Arrow’ Video Recap Show: Grave Encounters

     December 10, 2015


On this episode of the Collider Video Recap Show for Arrow Season 4, Ann Campea, Josh Macuga, Michael Medina, and Jason Inman discuss the following elements of episode 9 of season 4, entitled “Dark Waters”:

Overall impressions of this week’s mid-season finale

Oliver’s mayorial campaign heats up

Damien Darhk’s agenda unravels to reveal ‘corn’?

Malcolm Merlyn’s protection of Thea

More speculation of who is in the grave

…and more!

Oliver’s campaign heats up in more ways than one can imagine. While at a community clean up at the bayfront, a drone attack injures many. Luckily, Felicity is quick with her tablet and disables the drone before more people gets hurt. It is later revealed why Damien Darhk wants the bayfront for himself.

Felicity and her mom discover the engagement, causing Felicity to be a little more than her awkward self this episode. However, her happiness is short lived as she (and others) are kidnapped by Damien Darhk’s team. As the Green Arrow watch in terror as his love and friends are trapped in a gas chamber, it is Black Canary to the rescue!

With Darhk defeated (for now), it is time for a celebration! Oliver proposes and Felicity happily accepts. Unfortunately, their happiness is interrupted by Damien Darhk’s team once again. While Oliver is mostly unscathed, his new fiancee isn’t so fortunate, closing out the mid-season finale with him hold Felicity’s lifeless body.

Check out Dave’s full written recap of “Dark Waters,” the mid-season finale of Arrow Season 4, right here.

There will be plenty of time to recuperate from all the emotional damage done by the end of “Dark Waters,” as Season 4 will not continue until January 20th, 2016, when the next episode of the season, “Blood Debts,” premieres on the CW. Check back in then for another Arrow Video Recap Show with the Collider Video team!


Image via the CW