‘Arrow’: Who Is Prometheus? | Poll [Updated]

     February 23, 2017


Prometheus upped his harassment of Oliver Queen in this week’s episode of Arrow, giving information to both the ACU and the local Star City media about Green Arrow/Oliver’s role in Billy Malone’s untimely death and the subsequent cover-up. Between the stakes-raising and Oliver’s visit to Mama Prometheus’, the mystery of who is under the mask continues to simmer.

Right now, the biggest clue we have to Prometheus’ identity is that he is may be the illegitimate son of Justin Claybourne, a corrupt businessman the Hood offed back in Season 1 — at least, that’s what Team Arrow currently suspects. They have been known to get things wrong before, though, so we’re not ready to dismiss some of our more out-there theories just yet.

Who do you think Prometheus is? Check out some of our likeliest suspects, then vote in the poll at the bottom of the page:

Tommy Merlyn


Image via The CW

This is a popular fan theory that has been making the rounds since Prometheus first hit the spoiler scene pre-season five. Arrow has brought back pretty much every other former series regular back from the dead at least once (except for Moira Queen, which I am still waiting for), why not Tommy Merlyn? Malcolm Merlyn had access to the Lazarus Pit, and dipping his long-dead son into that hot tub to bring him back to tortured life is 100 percent the kind of thing he would do. Followed by Malcolm convincing Zombie!Tommy that Oliver is his enemy. It’s been too long since Arrow has had a big bad that Oliver (and us) truly cares about. Tommy as Prometheus would make the best big bad since Slade Wilson.

This theory is complicated by the fact that Colin Donnell is currently a series regular on Chicago Med, but I’m not quite ready to let this dream die yet.

Malcolm Merlyn


Image via The CW

I am always 50 percent sure that Malcolm Merlyn is the person trolling Oliver Queen. It’s one of his main passions in life, and it’s probably only grown in enthusiasm since Oliver chopped off one of Malcolm’s hands. Dressing up like a big bad and taking to the streets of Star City like an evil version of the Green Arrow is definitely a move out of Malcolm Merlyn’s playbook, and this guy has been suspiciously quiet since season five started. You just know that he is probably hanging out in a super secret lair somewhere in the Star City business district, working on his How to Humiliate Oliver Queen crazy wall.

This theory is slightly complicated by the fact that Malcolm is currently a part-time villain over on Legends of Tomorrow, however his CW contract is technically as a series regular across all of the CW superhero TV shows, which means a return to Arrow for the end of the season, just in time for the Prometheus reveal, is not out of the question.