ASC Nominates BOARDWALK EMPIRE, PAN AM, MODERN FAMILY, and More for Cinematography

     December 28, 2011


The American Society of Cinematographers announced their nominations for the best-photographed TV of 2011.  Boardwalk Empire topSthe list with 2 nominations in the one-hour drama category.  HBO also had a presence in the movie/miniseries category with Mildred Pierce and the half-hour series category with Bored to Death.  (This is the first year the ASC introduced a half-hour category.)  I am happy to see Pan Am among the nominees, because the pilot was gorgeous.  Due to the specific nature of the awards, there are a few curious selection that won’t get awards attention anywhere else, like Chase and Man Up.  Reminds me of my surprise at discovering that Home Improvement won 7 Emmys, all of which were awarded to apparent lighting guru Donald A. Morgan for Outstanding Lighting Direction.

Hit the jump for the full eclectic list of ASC nominees.

Christina Ricci PAN AM imageOne-Hour Episodic Television Series/Pilot

  • David Franco for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire (“To the Lost”)
  • Jonathan Freeman, ASC for Boardwalk Empire (“21″)
  • David Katznelson, DFF, BSC for PBS’ Downton Abbey (Pilot)
  • John Lindley, ASC for ABC’s Pan Am (Pilot)
  • David Stockton, ASC for NBC’s Chase (“Narco Part 2″)

Television Movie/Miniseries

  • Ed Lachman, ASC for HBO’s Mildred Pierce
  • Kevin Moss for Showtime’s Chicago Overcoat
  • David Moxness, CSC for ReelzChannel’s The Kennedys (“Moral Issues and Inner Turmoil”)
  • Martin Ruhe for PBS’ Page Eight
  • Wojciech Szepel for PBS’ Any Human Heart (“Episode 2″)

Half-Hour Episodic Series/Pilot

  • James Bagdonas, ASC for ABC’s Modern Family (“Bixby’s Back”)
  • Michael Balfry, CSC for The Hub’s R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour (“Brush with Madness”)
  • Vanja Cernjul, HFC for HBO’s Bored to Death (“Forget the Herring”)
  • Levie Isaacks, ASC for ABC’s Man Up (“Acceptance”)
  • Michael Weaver, ASC for Showtime’s Californication (“Suicide Solution”)