Ashton Kutcher and Rob Corddry Interview – WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS

     May 6, 2008

Opening this Friday is the new Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz romantic comedy “What Happens in Vegas.” The film is about two strangers (Ashton and Cameron) who discover they’ve gotten married following a night of debauchery in Las Vegas. Since this is a romantic comedy, something has to happen to keep them together. For this movie, it’s having one of them win a 3 million dollar jackpot while they’re still married. So while both of them want to separate and each take some money, the court forces the two to live together for 6 months to try and make their marriage work. During their time together, each of them has friends trying to make the other person look bad. For Ashton it’s Rob Corddry, for Cameron it’s Lake Bell.

Over the last year or two I’ve been forced to see a lot of bad romantic comedies while working on Collider…thankfully, this isn’t one of them. While the movie isn’t going to win any awards, I’ll admit to laughing way more than I expected to and Rob Corddry is very funny as Ashton’s best friend.

What I’m basically saying is…if you’re girlfriend/wife/significant other has wanted to get you to see a romantic comedy for awhile now, this is the one to bite the bullet on.

And with that…here’s a recent press conference I attended with Ashton and Rob. It’s all over the place…but some parts are quite funny. While I usually think reading is the way to go…I’d definitely recommend listening to this one. Click here for the MP3.

Finally, I also did a one on one interview with Rob and I’ll be posting it tomorrow night. Until then…enjoy the press conference. And if you missed the movie clips from “What Happens in Vegas” click here.

[joking about the microphones]

Rob Corddry: This is like a Radio Shack, except you people are nice I assume. Better than Radio Shack.

Ashton Kutcher: You have an issue with the people at Radio Shack?

Rob Corddry: Yeah, yeah.

Ashton Kutcher: I’ve never had a problem there.

Rob Corddry: Really?

Question: Why do opposites attract?

Ashton Kutcher: Hold on, I’m chewing ice so I can’t here. You ever do that? I think that’s why they have straws in the c ups at movies. If you actually chewed the ice, you wouldn’t be able to hear the movie.

Q: So why do opposites attract?

AK: I don’t think opposites attract. I think like attracts like. So I don’t think that they do attract, opposites. Only when you’re talking about magnetic poles.

Rob Corddry: I agree. Whoever said that anyway? Who started that? That’s a factoid. Meaning not necessarily a fact.

AK: I think Paula Abdul started it.

RC: If it’s wrong, she started it.

AK: I think so. No, I think in order to create affinity with something, you have to be like it. There’s actually a whole lot of neurolinguistic programming stuff that has actually proved that as well, so I would say that that’s the key.

Q: Working with Cameron?

AK: Horrible. I mean, to show up to work and have to look at a good looking woman who’s funny and happy to be alive and joyous and nice to people, that’s a nightmare. We had to deal with it every single day. You know, I don’t think that there’s anybody like her. I think she’s maybe the only, I would say, true comedic leading lady in our business right now, that has really honed that craft. And she’s worked with Jim Carrey, she’s worked with Adam Sandler, she’s worked with Mike Myers. She’s worked with every great comedic actor I can think of, so she’s got a one up on all of us.

RC: I can’t answer that question because I’m not allowed within 50 feet of Cameron Diaz.

Q: What was your preparation for the drunken spiral?

AK: I got drunk and spiraled. I’ve had my entire ’20s, my early ’20s to really prepare for that scene. I have a lot of life experience to draw on for that kind of wild night.

Q: Was it all plotted out or did you come up with things?

AK: You know, the first act of the script and the first act of the movie as it turned out are really close to one another. Most of it was actually directly scripted events of this takes place then this takes place then this takes place. I’d say the moments in between are kind of organic or original, but really from roll the dice to talk at the dance floor, to the dialogue that it was, the fire and fall off the bar, make out, in bed, wake up. The only thing they cut out was there was a three way with a maid that got cut out of the film, but that was in the script.

RC: It was written like that, but I have to give credit to the editor on that scene too. That scene is edited, in this kind of movie I’ve never seen editing like that. Really innovative and cool to watch. You’re shot like a rocket into that movie.

AK: When you watch it, you start to feel like you’re drunk in that moment, the way that it’s cut. I second that. I like the editing.

RC: I like you.

Q: Any injuries in the chase across town?

AK: There were no permanent injuries. You know what I was shocked about is Cameron’s the fastest woman on planet earth. I trained for two months before this movie because I didn’t want my leading lady to be in better shape than I was, and she still was. Like she’s Superwoman. So all of the fighting stuff, she’s so strong and kind of gung ho to go for it, I really could have been injured but whenever I was about to fall and hurt myself, Cameron would save me. She was literally my little savior person.

Q: Your character fears marriage. Do you?

AK: Is that a loaded question?

RC: Are you married?

AK: Yeah.

RC: That should be interesting.

AK: Yeah, I never thought in my life, I never really thought I would get married. I watched my parents go through a divorce and I thought like this is just not something people are supposed to do. On top of that, I sort of thought, “Why am I going to put a legal document on top of a really great relationship? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.” I don’t do legal documents with my friends. I don’t go out and do a contract, “Let’s go down to the courthouse, Rob, because now that we’re friends, we need to verify our friendship.”

RC: I would sign that in front of a notary.

AK: “Now we need to verify it and we need to get a license to watch the game together from here on out.” So I never really understood the whole idea of marriage until I met my wife and just knew that that was going to be the person I was going to be with for the rest of my life. I knew that I had that desire and kind of took the time to understand a little bit more of what it was about and what it meant. I love it. I might be the most happilyest married- – I don’t know, is happilyest a word? I just made up a word. I am the happilyest married guy on the planet.

RC: I’m the second happilyest.

AK: We’re a couple of monogamous sons of guns.

RC: We’re really happily.

Q: What did you relate to about this character?

AK: Yeah, definitely. For one, I’m a very competitive person and I think that’s sort of part of the core of the movie and the core of the character. And I understand his sort of desired escapability, not wanting to be under the thumb of somebody else. I think his sort of recklessness relates to my life.

Q: How competitive do you get?

AK: I hate losing anything ever. No, no, no, I hate losing anything ever.

Q: How does it manifest when you lose?

RC: Challenge him to something.

AK: I get really upset. Not upset with somebody else, I get really upset with myself and then I become sort of obsessively geared towards never letting that happen again.

Q: Most money you’ve ever won in Vegas?

RC: Oh, I won like $400 on a horse once. It was my first time in a sportsbook and I just put 20 bucks down on a long shot and won 400. And I’ve done that ever since, it was like 10 years ago, and I’ve lost way more than I ever won.

Q: Worst thing you’ve done in Vegas?

RC: I killed someone. It’s a long story.

AK: Gambling is probably the worst thing I’ve ever done in Vegas. I’ve had some really, really wild fun nights in Vegas. I ended up on stage once with this band, The Digital Underground, doing the Humpty Dance. My job was to do the “Oh do me baby” part of the Humpty Dance. I was next to Ron Jeremy and rapping to a sea of porn stars. Wild night. They have this thing called the Digital Video Software Dealership Awards and they do it the exact same time as the AVN. I was there for not the AVN, the other, Digital Video Software Dealership Awards. It just turned into a wild night, but I didn’t get married, so.

Q: What were your real weddings like?

AK: Mine was very private. We had to set up my whole wedding under the cloak of darkness and very secretively because I didn’t want a lot of photographers there hanging out.

RC: Same with me. I was really sick of the photographers and the helicopters too. We had jets circling. No, we had a small marriage in New York City and my hangover the next day felt like cancer.

AK: It was like 45 people and we told everyone it was a housewarming party, so literally people didn’t even know. Some people, I think my mom included, didn’t know they were coming to a wedding. Actually, a funny story, I told my mom, “Mom, it’s a really special housewarming, like really, really special housewarming.” I was on jury duty the week of my wedding and my mom showed up while I was on jury duty and she walked in when Demi was trying on her dress. Demi puts on the veil and my mom walked in, she’s like, “We don’t wear dresses like that to housewarming parties where I come from.” Demi almost didn’t marry me. She was so upset with me. I thought that I’d really gotten the hint across but apparently I didn’t.

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Q. Were there any secrets you guys left in Vegas?

AK: Secrets…we left in Vegas..

RC: No…I don’t believe in secrets.

AK: I had a steam shower that fit 9 people.

Q. And how many did it end up fitting?!

AK: One….(laughter) I don’t know, what happened in Vegas?

RC: We shot the movie. We worked at night.

AK: Yea, we started shooting at like 3. So really, we woke up…

RC: Oh man, but I went nuts in that mall!

AK: We had coffee….

RC: Went to a bookstore! (laughter)

Q. What is the secret to a happy marriage?

AK: (laughter) My friend actually just wrote a book called The Spiritual Rules of Engagement, that is coming out really soon. It sorta lays out, as far as I am concerned, the secrets to a happy marriage. I think at the core of it, it’s about working on it. I think guys grow up and they sorta like from a very young age, are taught the sorta apex of a relationship is sex. So guys are like, from a very young age are like, ‘some day, I’m gonna have sex!’ And like that’s the goal, right? And I think that women from a very young age, are socially conditioned to say, ‘some day, I’m gonna get married’ right? And it’s all about the wedding and the gown. And they are socially conditioned to find those 2 goals. And I think neither sex is socially conditioned to have the desire to be married. So it’s to get married, to have sex—but everybody’s missing what happens after that. Because the goal of being married is a lot of work. If people start the desire to work on their relationship, and set that as the goal, we’d be a lot better off. Like, if you got a new job, right, and you got hired at the new job, and you showed up and you didn’t work, you’d probably get fired pretty quickly. I think people think that once they get married, all right the work’s done, when really you just got the job.

Q. Who is the author?

AK: Yehuda Berg

Q. With your new show, every time a new item breaks with a celeb, everyone is questioning it now.

AK: That’s why I did the show.

Q. Can you talk about that, reaction, etc.

AK: Yea my whole desire to do the show was that I felt that I felt a lot of the tabloid magazines and shows were just making stuff up for their own commercial gain. They would put headlines that had question marks behind them because they didn’t know whether or not it was true, but then report it as if it was news. And I felt that sorta false journalism that is predicated on questions as opposed to answers, was really nothing more than a soap opera that was being played out by the magazines for commercial success and commercial gain. And so I figured that I couldn’t beat it, right, because they call themselves press, and stand behind the amendment of freedom of the press and say that what they are actually doing is proper journalism and so I figured if you can’t beat them, throw a wrench in their works. And so the show is designed to create the question as to the validity of the stories because a lot of this stuff isn’t true. And it has succeeded in doing that.

Q. What’s been your fav prank?

AK: I don’t like doing it so I don’t have a favorite. I’m really doing it to prove a point.

Q. This reminded me of one of those 1940’s movies films, do you have a fav from that time?

AK: That’s really tough, because I like them a lot. This reminded me most of Bringing Up Baby, that sorta battle between 2 people that are really only battling to be together.

Q. Any annoying bathroom habits that your wife doesn’t like?!

AK: Bathroom habits? None that she doesn’t like. I have this—when I wake in the morning, the first thing I do is take my dogs out so they don’t pee on my floor. And so when I took my dogs out, I take them outside, I sometimes go to the bathroom with them. (laughter) They are going outside, so I just go outside. It’s sorta like gotta pee in the woods kinda thing. It makes me feel really manly like I’m camping.

Q. Do you lift your leg with them too?!

AK: I can actually pull it off with both feet on the ground, believe it or not! I worked many years to be able to piss with 2 feet on the ground! That’s my skill!

Q. Shooting in Vegas, it mentions in press notes re couldn’t stop city from going on, etc. what was that like, any stories

AK: Well, we drew some crowds. Like in front of the Bellagio, there was a pretty big crowd. There was a guy with a parrot on his shoulder. He hung out. I don’t know where I am going with that, but he was just there.

RC: There’s a guy with a parrot on his shoulder like every other block in Vegas. And like a white boa constrictor and a fucking monkey or something.

AK: Why the parrot? Like why…

RC: Wasn’t he charging people to take a picture with the parrot?

AK: Yea, he ‘s like do you want to take a picture and you take a picture with the guy, and then he charges you.

RC: I spent a thousand dollars on that. I was like ok, it’s Vegas, I’m in the mood! Yea, keep taking pictures! What do I win?!

Q. Rob, your character refers to Lake’s character as stripper DO you think he thinks of that nickname as a compliment, and also what was it like working with her?

RC: No and good. He definitely doesn’t think it’s a compliment. And Lake Bell is a pleasure wrapped up in a joy, sealed with good times.

Q. Ashton your character is inspired to complete the things he is building with the wood. Can you build/fix anything?

AK: My dad was a carpenter. And my step dad was a carpenter. And I started working construction when I was 12. And my stepdad and I built a house that my stepdad and my mother currently live in. I have a construction company with my dad and we flip houses in Los Angeles. And so I’ve built some stuff.

Q. What did you build at home?

AK: No, I brought in professionals to do that!

Q. What’s next?

AK: I have a couple of movies. A movie called Personal Effects that I do with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kathy Bates. It’s a dark film about 2 people that find solace in each other in the steps of the courtroom, courthouse.

Q. Another legal drama

AK: That’s how I do it, I like to roll with the players. And then I have a film that I finished that will come out after that called Spread. About a guy, kinda a climber who sleeps with wealthy women for their money. And then after that I have a couple of tv shows that are going to be coming out that I am producing, which I can’t actually announce yet because it hasn’t been officially announced. That’s it for now, I’ll find something to do.

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