New Regency Teams with Ubisoft for ASSASSIN’S CREED Adaptation Starring Michael Fassbender

     October 22, 2012


With just a few short weeks to go until the Revolutionary War-centric third title in the Assassin’s Creed video game series is released, the feature film adaptation is moving closer to reality.  We learned this past July that Michael Fassbender had signed on to star in and co-produce the project with Ubisoft, and now the film has found a financier and distributor in New Regency.  Hit the jump for more.

assassins-creed-movieFor those unfamiliar with the Assassin’s Creed video games, they involve a man in the present day who’s kidnapped by a shadowy organization, and is forced into a machine that allows him to re-live his past lives as an assassin in order to retrieve important pieces of his “genetic memory”.  This clever device allows the games to explore a variety of time periods and settings (like the Crusades and the aforementioned American Revolution), which makes a feature film adaptation an intriguing prospect.

Fassbender makes the project all the more attractive, and now Deadline reports that New Regency has made a deal to finance and distribute the film.  This is a major step forward for the pic and now makes landing a director and screenwriter the next priority.  Fassbender recently appear in New Regency’s slavery drama Twelve Years a Slave, and the studio sees Assassin’s Creed as their “first big commercial action franchise property.”

Though video game adaptations have by and large been failures (our own Dave Trumbore took a stab at the prospect this weekend), I’ve got high hopes for this one.


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