August 11, 2009


As a jaded, bitter film critic, I sometimes forget that my demands are different from those of the common moviegoer, especially when it comes to family films.  I’ll be the first to admit that most are insipid, thoughtless cash-grabs that kids will enjoy and that parents will reconsider their decision to have kids.  Pixar hasn’t helped matters by casting a shadow over every other 3D-animated movie.

I mention all this because you shouldn’t dismiss “Astro Boy” outright.  Yes, we’ve seen the government trying to capture the super-powered robot before but most kids haven’t.  While you should definitely sit them down and make them watch “The Iron Giant”, this trailer makes “Astro Boy” look fun and maybe parents will think it’s cute.  Also, it has a robot with machine guns in his ass and I think that’s something the whole family can enjoy.

MSN currently has the trailer and while it’s currently not embeddable, you can click here to check it out.  “Astro Boy” hits theaters on October 23rd.


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