August 21, 2009 will be an INGLORIOUS Date

     December 31, 2008

Written by Matt Goldberg

What’s in your calendar for the new year? Is it making time to exercise? Time to sit down and watch some classic films you’ve never seen? The date a wealthy heiress will meet her demise and fame and fortune shall be yours?

Well whatever you have planned for August 21st, re-schedule it because that’s the day Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” will be hitting theatres. More importantly, this is only one release date so hopefully this means we won’t have to worry about “Inglorious Basterds: Vol. 1” or some such nonsense. The Weinstein Company is going to let Tarantino’s World War II epic be epic and so you should set aside a good chunk of that Friday to see it.

Of course, August is a weird date. It’s not prime Oscar-bait real estate (got to wait until at least September to hit that) but it’s at the tail-end of summer. I’m sure Tarantino’s name still carries some cache with movie goers but the tough box office take of “Grindhouse” may say otherwise. Then again, Rose McGowan doesn’t exactly pack them into the theatres like that Brad Pitt fellow.

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