Ava DuVernay Set to Adapt Jack Kirby’s ‘The New Gods’ for Warner Bros. and DC

     March 15, 2018


Ava DuVernay is the first African-American woman to ever direct a feature with a budget of over $100 million, and it looks like she’s not going to abandon large-scale features. Although her next project is the Netflix series The Central Park Five, Deadline reports that she’s attached to helm an adaptation of Jack Kirby’s The New Gods for Warner Bros. and DC. A search is currently underway for a writer who will work closely with DuVernay on the project.


Image via DC Comics

This will also be a project that cots over $100 million, but when you read Deadline’s description, the budget looks like it will go away to letting DuVernay get incredibly imaginative in bringing Kirby’s world to life:

The New Gods was the Genesis of the uber-villain Darkseid. Also called “Fourth World,” the Kirby creation debuted in a trilogy of related comics written and drawn by Kirby that were published in the very early 1970s: New Gods, Forever People and Mister Miracle. The New Gods came into existence after the world of the gods of classic mythology were destroyed during Ragnarok. The deities inhabit two planets: one is New Genesis, a lush paradise, and the other Apokolips, which sounds like Dante’s version of hell. War ensues.

While Darkseid was teased as the big bad for the Justice League sequel once upon a time (that’s why Darkseid’s symbol, the Omega, is carved into the ground in Batman’s nightmare in Batman v Superman), Deadline reports that this DC project will remain separate from the others, which is probably for the best. It gives DuVernay the creative freedom to tell the story she wants rather than worry about what’s happening with Batman or Superman or any other superhero property.

However, don’t expect to see this one anytime soon. DuVernay is hard at work on The Central Park Five, which is due out next year. If you need your DuVernay fix ASAP, give A Wrinkle in Time a spin this weekend.

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