Jordan Galland and Louisa Krause Talk AVA’S POSSESSIONS at SXSW

     March 24, 2015


As someone who watches a lot of horror movies with a lot of possession movies in the mix, it’s shocking that I’ve never wondered, what happens to someone post-exorcism? Luckily writer-director Jordan Galland has done the work for me. Louisa Krause leads Galland’s third feature film, Ava’s Possessions, as the title character. She just had a demon exorcised and is trying to put her life back together, but she’s still responsible for everything her “uninvited spiritual guest” made her do while possessed. In order to make amends and stay out of prison, Ava must attend Spirit Possessions Anonymous, which is basically AA for the post-possessed.

While in Austin for the world premiere of Ava’s Possessions at SXSW, I sat down with Galland and Krause to discuss how they scored a green light to make the film, the extensive character work Krause did prior to shooting, how movies like Fight Club and Nicolas Winding Refn’s work influenced the film, the project Galland hopes to tackle next and more. You can hear about it all in the video interview below.


Image via SXSW

Jordan Galland & Louisa Krause:

  • 00:00 – Coming up with the idea.
  • 01:08 – The two key elements that helped the film score a green light.
  • 03:04 – Building the apartment set.
  • 03:46 – The one piece of set dressing Krause took home after the shoot.
  • 04:03 – When Galland and Krause first met; why he chose her for the part.
  • 05:07 – How he knew Krause could transform from nice, normal Ava to possessed Ava.
  • 05:43 – Krause put together a huge notebook on her character prior to filming.
  • 08:18 – How about a Spirit Possessions Anonymous TV show? (I know I want one!)
  • 08:35 – Originally the film was about a Men in Black-type organization for demons.
  • 10:29 – Krause on probably being an Ava’s Possessions fangirl had the film come out when she was younger.
  • 10:58 – The movies that influenced this film including Fight Club and Nicolas Winding Refn’s work.
  • 12:18 – The bright, bold lighting.
  • 13:27 – Did they ever consider what might have happened to famous possessed characters post-exorcism?
  • 14:55 – Galland on the status of his reverse Misery movie. (Where the writer takes the fans hostage.)

Image via Indiewire

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