AVATAR 3D Blu-Ray Selling for Over $400 on eBay

     December 3, 2010

How badly do you want to see the 3D version of Avatar on Blu-ray right now? Well, it appears that more than a few people are bursting at the seams to visit Pandora in all its 3D glory again ASAP.  Currently, the only way to obtain a copy of the 3D Blu-ray version of the highest grossing film of all time is to purchase a Panasonic 3D TV.  The film is being bundled with Panasonic’s new (2010) VIERA VT Series and GT Series Full HD 3D Plasma TVs. Given that the 3D disc is currently only available by buying the television, some smart-thinking individuals have decided to throw their copies of the film on eBay to see what they can get, and boy are people bidding. Bids currently range from $88 to $435. Now, Panasonic’s 3D Full HD Ultimate Pack, which includes the Avatar disc, is valued at $399.95. However, that includes two pairs of those super expensive electronic 3D glasses.

Hit the jump for why I think this is crazy.

Here’s the kicker: unless you have a medical condition from which you will die unless you obtain the 3D version of Avatar on Blu-ray as soon as humanly possible, paying upwards of $300 for it on eBay is absolutely insane. Cameron has already announced that Fox plans to release the 3D Blu-ray sometime in the near future.  Always the high-minded business man, Cameron wanted to wait until enough 3D television sets were available to release the 3D version of Avatar, in order to reap the most benefit from the release. So, if you’re running out of blue body paint and positively cannot wait another minute to supplement your fan-fiction by watching the film for the 22nd time, by all means go ahead and break the bank. I’ll be grabbing the disc when it’s officially released, for list price, like a sane person.



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