AVATAR Has Made Over $35 Million on Just 37 IMAX Screens in Asia

     February 11, 2010

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When you make over $2 billion dollars at the box office, you didn’t just make that money in America.  Nowadays, it’s not unusual for a movie to make over 60% of its revenue from international territories, and that’s a big reason why the studios fly the stars around the world to promote the film.

As you might expect, the Avatar phenomenon was not limited to America, as the film has broken box office records around the world and it’s already made $1.6 billion internationally….and it’s not over yet!  While IMAX theaters are limited outside the United States, James Cameron’s film has made over $35 million on just 37 IMAX screens in 10 Asia-Pacific countries.  For a breakdown of the numbers, hit the jump:

avatar_movie_poster_final_01.jpgAsia-Pacific IMAX highlights include:

Hong Kong – $2.9 million from 2 IMAX screens

Taiwan – $2.3 million from 2 IMAX screens

Japan – $4.3 million  from 4 IMAX screens

Australia/New Zealand – $6.3 million from 6 IMAX screens

Korea – $5.1 million from 5 IMAX screens

China – $11.3 million on 13 IMAX screens

When you think about it, when you show a movie on only two screens and it’s made almost $3 million, it’s insane.  The movie must have sold out every show since it opened and it must still be selling out. If anyone ever doubts James Cameron again, I’d be surprised.

Here’s part of the press release we were sent:

“This incredible box office performance represents the strong consumer demand for The IMAX Experience in the Asia-Pacific market, which is very encouraging as we continue to focus on expanding the IMAX network and brand internationally,” said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. “This success has triggered an increased level of interest in the IMAX theatre business throughout the region. We believe the remaining run of Avatar, as well as the rest of our Hollywood slate and mainstream Chinese films that are scheduled to be digitally re-mastered for the IMAX network in the region, will continue to drive that interest.”

“The international distribution team at Twentieth Century Fox has done an exceptional job of incorporating the IMAX brand into its marketing strategy, and it has clearly resonated with Avatar fans in the region who are seeking the best way to experience James Cameron’s revolutionary film,” added Greg Foster, Chairman and President, IMAX Filmed Entertainment. “Many IMAX theatres are still operating at or near full capacity, and we’re looking forward to continued success during the weeks ahead.”

With Avatar still owning IMAX screens until Alice in Wonderland, these numbers are sure to increase.

To date, the IMAX release of Avatar has generated an estimated global total of over $170 million from 262 IMAX screens. Insane.

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