Fox Has No Intention of Slowing Down the Merchandising Opportunities Presented by AVATAR

     June 9, 2010

You think just because a movie makes over $2 billion worldwide it’s going to stop trying to sell you stuff?  20th Century Fox announced today at the Licensing Show in Las Vegas that it has a long-term merchandising strategy for Avatar.  The film has already amassed $153 million in retail sales, but “it’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said Robert Marick, Executive VP of Fox Consumer Products.  According to THR, the company is planning to release merch for the key back-to-school, Halloween and holiday shopping seasons, including costumes, board games and bedding items.  This end-of-year onslaught would also coincide with the upcoming special edition Avatar Blu-ray that will play on 3D televisions.

I’m slightly skeptical about Avatar‘s continued success in the realm of marketing especially with no firm plans in place for Avatar 2.  While I can certainly see the existence of Avatar-related products, I’m wondering if the market is dying down as other blockbusters steal away the spotlight.  I believe the legacy of Avatar won’t be the actual movie, but how it shifted/forced other blockbusters to adopt 3D technology.

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