Chris Hemsworth Reveals the 3 Marvel Movies Left on His Contract

     April 14, 2015


When the newly created Marvel Studios first announced that it was going to be producing its own films, the response from many was, “That’s cute.” And when Marvel signed Samuel L. Jackson to a 9-picture contract, most thought it was absurd. “There’s no way Sam Jackson’s going to be in 9 Marvel movies,” people said. Well, by some miracle, it all worked. Not only did it work, but Marvel’s practice of signing actors to more than simple 3-picture contracts is now commonplace, with their litany of talented performers contracted to appear in a number of different Marvel movies way out into the future.

But now that Marvel is 11 films deep, those lengthy contracts are starting to run out. Robert Downey Jr.’s contract ended with The Avengers, but he re-upped for Avengers 2 and 3. Similarly, many of the actors that signed on in his wake are nearing the ends of their respective deals. Steve recently sat down with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans at the Avengers: Age of Ultron junket, and he asked the actors how many movies they have left on their contracts. Hemsworth’s answer brought up a curious piece of info (Note: the bit about breast pumps will make more sense once you’ve seen the entire video interview):


“I’m three films away from [the end of my contract]; I’ve got Avengers 3 and 4 and I’ve got Thor 3.”


Image via Marvel

Hemsworth seems to suggest that he’ll be in both Avengers: Infinity War movies, contrary to recent rumors that he was only going to appear in Part 2. Just because he’s contracted to appear in a Marvel film doesn’t mean that he definitely will, but Hemsworth seems pretty confident that he’s in Infinity War: Part I.

Of course things at Marvel are fluid and the plan could always change, but the takeaway here is that Hemsworth and Evans are both contracted for at least three more Marvel films, then they’ll be faced with the decision of either continuing on or hanging up Mjolnir/ the shield for good. Look for the full interview with Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans soon.

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