Watch the ‘Avengers’ Cast Dunk on Thor & Star-Lord While Reading a Thanos-Themed Children’s Book

     April 9, 2019

Let me tell you, if you haven’t seen Chris Evans giggle about Thanos’ “saggy nuts” chin, then you’re not having the best day you can be. Fortunately, the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live assembled the Avengers: Endgame cast to recount the events of Infinity War in the form of a children’s book, ‘The Mad Titan Thanos’. Naturally, the actors turned it into an opportunity to jest about the testicular nature of the Mad Titan’s chin and casually dunk on Thor and Thanos for absolutely biffing their shots at victor in Infinity War. And fun was had by all.

Chris HemsworthMark RuffaloDon Cheadle, and Scarlett Johansson join Evans for a little storytime and the results are quite the delight. If you’ve been waiting to see Star-Lord and Thor taken to task for their emotional outbursts that cost half the universe (and really, haven’t we all?), then you’ll get a kick out of what the cast has to say. Although, you better believe Hemsworth is not here for your Thor slander. “He still got close enough to him to actually go for something. Unlike the rest of the pathetic little useless fucking Avengers that didn’t even really put a scratch on him,” the actor deadpans. He might not be ready to admit his own fails, but he’s got plenty of sass in him for Star-Lord. Watch what he and the rest of the goofy gang have to say in the video below.

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