Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson on How the Avengers’ Dynamics Have Changed Since ‘Civil War’

     March 16, 2018


Last summer, I was invited alongside a group of journalists to visit the Atlanta, Georgia set of Avengers: Infinity War. You can read a more in-depth account about my experience on the set here, but suffice it to say that it was indeed epic. The amount of star-power in this movie is mind-boggling, and over the next several weeks I’ll be publishing interviews with the cast and creatives behind it all. They couldn’t reveal much in the way of specifics, of course, but it was really fun to just see their banter and interactions — which is really the crux of what the Avengers movies are all about.

So much has happened in the MCU since we visited Pinewood studios, but our questions for Chris Evans (Captain America) and Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow) were mostly focused on what their characters have been doing since Civil War:

QUESTION: Chris, last time we saw you, you were not an Avenger. And now it looks like from what we saw today, you are putting the team back together.


Image via Marvel

CHRIS EVANS: I don’t know if I would necessarily say that this is the group of Avengers. Just circumstances have dictated that we come together.

Will we see more of a leadership role or less of a leadership role from Cap in this film?

EVANS: I think intrinsically, Cap is a leader, but since there is no technical Avengers structure […] I think he’s still a leader at heart. I just don’t know if he necessarily has the same chain of command that he had in prior films.

Has Black Widow been a part of this underground group, or between the events of Civil War and Infinity War, has she been on her own mission?

SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Between the events of Civil War and now, Steve and Natasha have been together, that’s how we imagined it. And I think they’ve kind of been sort of flying under the radar but still taking care of business in the way that they know how to do. When we find them in this film, as it was explained to us by Joe and Anthony [Russo], they are just a fine, well-oiled machine. They sort of have a seamless communication between them. But they’re more hardened, I think, and when you are working underground for such a long time and you don’t have … not that they need to have any sort of back-patting or recognition exactly, but I think when you’re sort of fighting for something that you know is important but is not being really recognized or supported by a larger organization or even like, society as a whole, it takes a certain toll, and you can get feelings about it in a way. So that’s kind of where we find them.

Is their relationship still just platonic?


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