‘Avengers: Infinity War’: 15 High-Res Images Tease the Battle Ahead

     March 9, 2018


Only 49 days until Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters and probably wrecks us, which means that until then there is wall-to-wall coverage coming your way. Starting next week we’ll have reports and interviews with the cast and creatives behind the film from our visit to the set, but in the meantime, we’re bringing you some high-resolution images that Marvel recently released. Yes, these are images from the first trailer which was a long time ago (November 29th to be exact). But now you can zoom in and really see the anguish on everyone’s faces. And pretty much everyone is in anguish.

The movie is going to be really massive in scope, but if the lessons of Civil War can be applied here (basically, insanely good time management), then this could become a truly iconic installment within the MCU. I also have a feeling that to create real stakes and close out this phase of films, we’re going to see some pretty heartbreaking scenes. And by scenes I mean deaths. That’s my guess anyway — feel free to speculate more in the comments!

Check out these clearer images of our heroes below, before they assemble April 27th:

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