‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Now Filming in Atlanta; ‘Untitled Avengers Movie’ to Follow

     January 23, 2017


We’re barely into 2017, but some of the biggest, most anticipated movies ever to come out of the comic book sub-genre are more than a year away from release. I’m talking, of course, about Joe and Anthony Russo‘s 2018 Avengers: Infinity War and its currently untitled follow-up film due out in 2019. You can officially mark your calendars because the first of these two epic superhero team-up movies has just started filming in Atlanta!

We confirmed as much with Marvel star Dave Bautista, who stars as Drax the Destroyer in both of James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and will most assuredly be appearing alongside 63 other comic book characters when Infinity War hits theaters like an asteroid on May 4, 2018. Our own Steve Weintraub got a chance to sit down with Bautista for his leading role in Bushwick, which enjoyed its Sundance premiere over the weekend. While the conversation also turned to updates on Blade Runner 2049 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, we’ve brought you his updates on the state of Avengers: Infinity War below:


Image via Marvel

While he was careful not to overstep the bounds set by Marvel’s movie marketing schedule, you can put money on Bautista showing up in Infinity War:

Collider: I believe everyone is going to be in Atlanta at some point in 2017. How bad is your schedule?


Dave Bautista: It’s really bad. [laughs] Yeah, not to confirm nor deny anything.


This is what I know: There are like 64 characters in the Avengers sequels. Everyone’s making a big deal when someone confirms when they’re in it; I think it’s a big deal when someone’s not in it.


Bautista: I don’t think anybody who is a current character is not going to be in Infinity War. [laughs] That’s just my opinion. I haven’t gotten confirmation on who all is going to be in the film, but I think that they’re really going to go all-out on this.


Image via Marvel

Bautista also supported the idea that there’s almost no way to get all of those actors on set for a day of filming at the same time, so you can fully expect some filmmaking magic at play in order to pull that off:

I’m curious to see whether they have everybody filming together for one day or, because of schedules, some people are filmed together through the magic of CG. 


Bautista: I think they’re going to have to because to bring in that many people who are just so busy, it’s got to be a logistics nightmare. So when they say that there’s something that’s delayed, I don’t even ask because I totally get it. I can totally just empathize with them. I can’t imagine that this is an easy task.

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