‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Adds ‘Kong’ and ‘Apes’ Mo-Cap Actor Terry Notary as Villain

     March 10, 2017


As if the cast of Avengers: Infinity War couldn’t get any bigger, we now know yet another actor who’s part of the ensemble: Terry Notary. The film serves as a culmination of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far, bringing together nearly every major character from the entire MCU as they face off against the big bad Thanos. But Thanos won’t be alone in the film, and it appears that his buddies will also be visualized via motion-capture technology.

In an interview with THR, Notary revealed that he’s in Avengers: Infinity War:

“I’m working on four characters right now. I’m working with Josh Brolin and three other actors [in Marvel’s AvengersInfinity War], and I’m playing Josh Brolin’s right hand bad guy in the film. I can’t say the name of the character or I think Marvel will sever my head, but I apply those same principals of what it means to drop bullshit and just play a character truly evil. And it’s working. [Laughs] It’s truly working.”


Image via 20th Century Fox

Notary is something of an expert in the field of motion-capture in movement, most recently working on Kong: Skull Island. He served as the movement choreographer on The Hobbit movies and worked alongside Andy Serkis to bring the apes in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to life, filling the role of Rocket/Bright Eyes himself. He also had a role in last year’s Warcraft, and next to Serkis is one of the most accomplished motion-capture performers working today, so his expertise on Avengers: Infinity War is no doubt welcome.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige previously revealed that more than anyone else, Thanos is really the main character of Avengers: Infinity War, so it’s possible Notary has a pretty big role to play as his right hand man. Filming is currently underway on Infinity War and its untitled sequel in Atlanta, but we have to wait until May 4, 2018 before we actually see the thing.

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