Awesometacular: Jeremy Jahns Talks the ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot

     June 2, 2017

Collider and Verizon’s go90 are happy to present another Awesometacular with host Jeremy Jahns! This weekly show recaps the most exciting news in movies, video games, and television.

Jeremy Jahns talks about his hopes for the Animaniacs reboot, Jeremy and Mark Ellis play a round of “Movie Shots,” the MovieFanz review the Attack of the Clones trailer, Kristian Harloff and Jeremy pitch Star Wars book ideas they’d like to see, and Jon Schnepp tells Jeremy about Barry Allen’s rebirth in The Flash comics.

  • Jeremy Jahns discusses the Animaniacs reboot in the works. Then Jeremy and Mark Ellis go head to head in a round of “Movie Shots” where Jeremy and Mark must guess a movie title based on a series of clues. If their answer is wrong, they must drink a mystery shot.
  • The MovieFanz return to review the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones trailer. After that, Jeremy and Kristian Harloff talk about Star Wars canon books and what topic they’d like to see a future book cover.
  • Jeremy and Pamela Horton play a few 1-2 Switch minigames on the Nintendo Switch. After that Collider’s Jon Schnepp talks about Barry Allen’s return in the Rebirth comic. Then Jeremy discusses the positive reviews for Wonder Woman and what that means for the DCEU.


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