Celebrities Post Awkward #PuberMe Photos to Raise Money for Puerto Rico Relief

     October 2, 2017


You may have seem some truly embarrassing photos of some of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood circulating on social media lately. That’s likely part of Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll‘s current attempt to raise money for Puerto Rico relief efforts. Part of the reasoning behind celebrities posting their awkward adolescent photos is due to Kroll’s recent, R-rated animated Netflix series Big Mouth, which takes an unapologetic view of puberty in hilarious and raunchy fashion.

The other part is to raise money for One America Appeal, a relief effort spearheaded by U.S. Presidents Jimmy CarterGeorge H.W. BushBill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama that has been expanded to include Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands after previously raising funds to aid in Texas’ recovery from Hurricane Harvey. Be sure to click the link to see how you can help out, while also reveling in the awkwardness presented below.

Here’s the video in question in which Colbert and Kroll reveal how much money they’re donating towards Puerto Rico relief efforts:

Now, prepare to be amazed!











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