Ayelet Zurer and Rade Sherbedgia Exclusive Video Interviews – FUGITIVE PIECES

     May 1, 2008

Opening tomorrow, in limited release, is “Fugitive Pieces.” The film was the opening night movie at last year’s Toronto Film Festival and it garnered Rade Sherbedgia the prize for Best Actor at the Rome Film Festival.

If you aren’t familiar with the film, “Fugitive Pieces” tells the story of Jakob Beer (Stephen Dillane), a man whose life is transformed by his childhood experiences during WWII. As a child in Poland he is orphaned then saved by a compassionate Greek archeologist (Rade Sherbedgia.) Over the course of his life, he attempts to deal with the losses he has endured. Through his writing, and then through the discovery of true love, Jakob is ultimately freed from the legacy of his past.

The film is based on the international bestselling novel byAnne Michaels and it’s been adapted & directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

So to help promote the movie, I recently interviewed Ayelet Zurer and Rade Sherbedgia. Both of them had a lot to say on the making of the film and what they have coming up. Also, I interviewed Ayelet before it was announced that she got cast in “Angels and Demons,” hence why I didn’t ask anything about it. Finally, if you missed the movie clips from “Fugitive Pieces” click here.

Ayelet Zurer

  • How did she get involved in the project

  • Did filming in Greece add to the allure of the project

  • I ask how is the environment in Israel for making movies

  • How was the set while filming

  • I ask if she was surprised by the success of Vantage Point

  • She has a lot of other movies coming up and we talk about them – Adam Resurrected, Longshot

  • I ask if she wants to work in both America and Israel

  • We talk about what it’s like to promote her movies

  • Rehearsal process talk

Rade Sherbedgia

  • How did he first come to the project

  • Since he’s a professor of acting, I ask if that helped him work with the little kid in the movie

  • What was the experience like filming around the world

  • HE talks about what he has coming up like Battle in Seattle and The Code

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