‘Master of None’ Trailer Reveals Aziz Ansari Confused by Love in Netflix Series

     October 22, 2015


Aziz Ansari‘s stock has been on a meteoric rise as of late, partially due to his amazing stand-up performances on his recent tour alongside Amy Schumer. His cult started, of course, when he entered the role of Tom Haverford on Parks & Recreation, as well as his work in Judd Apatow‘s hugely undervalued Funny People and Get Him to the Greek, as well as his vocal work on Bob’s Burgers. Despite all this work, he’s yet to lead a film or TV series on his own, a fact that will be rightly corrected with the release of Master of None, Ansari’s upcoming Netflix comedy series. This morning, Netflix released the first full trailer for the series, which co-stars Noël Wells as Ansari’s character’s girlfriend, as well as Ravi Patel, Eric Wareheim, H. Jon Benjamin, and Ansari’s own parents, Fatima and Shoukath, as Ansari’s character’s parents.

Check out the trailer for Master of None below:

Not to oversell it, but Master of None looks like one of Netflix’s strongest series to date, giving a distinct perspective on race and relationships from a comedian that has made modern romance and sex one of his primary realms of study and observations. Heck, he even wrote a strikingly insightful and very funny book about the subject. And the fact that his character, Dev, is attempting to be an actor, as well as the inclusion of Ansari’s parents, gives the premise a unique note of intimacy and personality to both the role and the entire show itself. Not for nothing does it also look as if it’s show with a healthy measure of style, but primarily, it just looks hilarious. The bit with the little girl pointing out the different people in the frozen yogurt shop got a genuine, big guffaw out of me. And the fact that Ansari has comics as smart and idiosyncratic as Wareheim and Benjamin emanates a peculiarity and confidence that makes the wait for November 6th, when the show will premiere on Netflix, all the more tedious.

Along with the trailer, Netflix has also released the poster for Master of None, which you can see below: