Couldn’t Find Yesterday’s ‘Back to the Future’-Themed USA Today? Here’s How to Get It

     October 23, 2015


Yesterday, Back to the Future fans who weren’t overloaded on the franchise on Back to the Future Day” (October 21st, the day Marty, Doc, and Jennifer went into the future) sought out a Back to the Future-themed copy of USA Today. The “Hill Valley” edition of the newspaper featured “Marty McFly Jr. Junior Arrested for Theft” as the top story along with other details from the film’s 2015 future.

However, it turns out that BTTF mania was still in full frenzy, and many fans were left wanting for a USA Today for the only time in their entire life. What an odd, terrible feeling that must have been, although I’m not sure what they were planning to do once they had the newspaper. Were they going to frame it and hang it on the wall? Or were they going to periodically check it to see if the headline had been changed to show that Griff’s gang had been jailed for destroying the Clock House Tower Mall?

If you’re someone who still wants this piece of fictional history, USA Today is selling the Back to the Future edition of yesterday’s paper for $4.95 plus shipping and tax. Click here to get your copy and comb it over for other fun front-page details.


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