Animated Parody Takes ‘Back to the Future: Part II’ into the Actual 2015

     October 16, 2015


October 21st, 2015, the day Marty (Michael J. Fox) and Doc (Christopher Lloyd) go into the future in Back to the Future Part II will still be upon us, and while that film got a surprising amount of things right about the future, we know it was off-base about plenty of others.

College Humor has released a video capitalizing on the discrepancy, and pretty much wrapped it up into a package of “Everything is terrible,” even though I would hope that people in the 1980s would be blown away by the fact that technology has advanced to where you can keep a powerful computer in your pocket and you can use it to do a myriad of things from listening to music to finding a new restaurant to sharing a video satirizing  Back to the Future Part II’s overly optimistic view of the future.

Check out the Back to the Future Part II College Humor video below.


Image via Universal Pictures

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