‘Back to the Future’: Unused Poster Features Marty Dropping Through Time

     December 30, 2015


I understand if we all overloaded a bit on Back to the Future back in October. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies and even I was grateful when the deluge of articles stopped after October 21, 2015. Now we can go back to treating it as just another classic film, and we’ve managed to turn up a neat piece of the marketing.

We’re all familiar with Drew Struzan’s unforgettable poster for Back to the Future featuring Marty standing by the DeLorean, a design that would also be refitted for Part II and Part III. However, vintage poster seller Ewbank’s Auctions is selling an unused Back to the Future poster featuring a very different design and tagline. This one has Marty tumbling out of a photographed with the shocked expression of his parents looking on and the DeLorean in the background. The tagline reads, “Marty’s parents were destined to meet in 1955. Until Marty dropped in from the future.”

Clearly, history gave us the superior poster, but if you want this alternative work, Ewbank’s is currently estimating it at £200 – £400. Check it out below.


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