‘Back to the Future’ “Predicted” 9/11 According to New Video

     October 19, 2015


With Back to the Future day arriving on Wednesday, now even the conspiracy nuts are getting in on the action. YouTube user barelyHuman11 has released a video, “BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11”, which shows how Robert Zemeckis’ classic 1985 film and its sequels subliminally provide a “warning about the future.” He even ties in Zemeckis’ new film, The Walk into this nonsense theory.

And it is utter nonsense that even incorporates bullshit about space-time, but I chose to share it because if it’s parody, it’s a good parody of stuff like Loose Change and the general mind of conspiracy theorists, which is to come up with the theory first, and then stretch and contort information to fit that theory. People who believe 9/11 was an “inside job” can’t cope with the far more disturbing reality that a small group of religious zealots were able to kill almost 3,000 people by hijacking four planes. We live in a chaotic, unforgiving universe.

What’s also fascinating about this video is that it provides a reminder that kids who weren’t even born during 9/11 are now entering high school. That day is as much of a historical relic as Pearl Harbor was to my generation. 9/11 may come with video footage, but it’s still a seminal event that has now been relegated to the pages of history books, something that can be coldly played with to fit theories about how a 30-year-old movie actually predicted such an awful atrocity. I suppose in one way, that’s how you know the nation has completely healed—taking a fun adventure movie and saying it’s a dire warning about the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Watch the video below and decide if you think this is in earnest or an outright parody, and if the distinction even matters. Hopefully barelyHuman11 will release a new video soon about Bad Boys II predicting Benghazi.

Via BMD.


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