Is BAD SANTA 2 Finally Going to Happen This Year?

     May 19, 2015


I’m a little wary of Bad Santa 2 because not only are comedy sequels tough; the original felt like lightning in a bottle. No one expected something that was so delightfully mean-spirited yet had a heart buried somewhere deep beneath its cynical exterior. It’s hard to shock people twice, and it can’t just be with naughty language.

A Bad Santa sequel has been in development hell for years, but Entourage writer/director Doug Ellin is aiming to finally get it in front of cameras this year. Here’s the video of Ellin talking to Steve about the film:


bad-santa-image-biily-bobThe big comment from Ellin is his revelation that he’s supposed to start shooting the movie in either September or October, but they’re currently working on the script. If they’re happy with the script, then Billy Bob Thornton is already on board. Unsurprisingly, they’re aiming for a similar tone, which will likely mean it’s another hard “R” movie.

While I’m not surprised that Ellin refused to provide a tease for the movie (especially if they’re still trying to hammer out the script), I’m curious to see how he plans to put his own stamp on the material, especially when the original had a difficult production with director Terry Zwigoff fighting both the Coen Brothers (who were uncredited screenwriters on the movie along with Zwigoff) and The Weinstein Company, who filmed additional sequences with another director without Zwigoff’s approval.

I doubt Ellin will run into the same push back, but for the time being, let’s see if this movie even happens. If it does, what do you want to see from the sequel? How can it top the original? Sound off in the comments.

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