New Gag Reel for BAD TEACHER

     June 16, 2011


I don’t know what to expect from Bad Teacher, but I have high hopes.  From the promotional material, Cameron Diaz appears to pull no punches in her performance as a foul-mouthed, amoral teacher.  That’s commendable, but Diaz is no sure thing as a comedic performer.  I’m in it for the supporting cast.  I don’t know that you can find a more affable duo than Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake.  I can’t claim familiarity with Lucy Punch’s work, but I like her weird energy as an eager fellow teacher in the brief clips we’ve seen.  And in the new international gag reel, it’s John Michael Higgins and Paul Bates that get the biggest laugh.

Directed by Jake Kasdan (Walk Hard), Bad Teacher opens on June 24.  Watch the gag reel after the break.  (Beware of NSFW language.)

The clip comes from Embed via Trailer Addict.

Official synopsis:

Some teachers just don’t give an F. For example, there’s Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz). She’s foul-mouthed, ruthless, and inappropriate. She drinks, she gets high, and she can’t wait to marry her meal ticket and get out of her bogus day job. When she’s dumped by her fiancé, she sets her plan in motion to win over a rich, handsome substitute (Justin Timberlake) – competing for his affections with an overly energetic colleague, Amy (Lucy Punch). When Elizabeth also finds herself fighting off the advances of a sarcastic, irreverent gym teacher (Jason Segel), the consequences of her wild and outrageous schemes give her students, her coworkers, and even herself an education like no other.


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