Barry Sonnenfeld and ABC to Partner for Terrible-Sounding Sitcom

     September 28, 2009


In what must be a twisted way of honoring the legacy of “According to Jim” and the eight shitty seasons of television ABC allowed it to have, the network has now partnered with writer-director Barry Sonnenfeld to erase any goodwill garnered by their previous collaboration, “Pushing Daisies”.  I was never a fan of “Daisies” (contrary to popular belief, you cannot cobble together a story out of twee and whimsy), but could understand its following to a certain extent.  I don’t think an understanding will be possible if their new show sounds as bad as its premise: “A harried mother finds a special suit that gives her super powers.”  Were they unable to remake “My Mother the Car”?  And if Sonnenfeld and ABC just want to make a show with supernatural characters and cartoonish premises, won’t people just call it a rip-off of “Heroes”?