Barry Sonnenfeld and Grant Morrison Team for DOMINION: DINOSAURS VERSUS ALIENS

     May 10, 2011


Director Barry Sonnenfeld and acclaimed comics writer Grant Morrison (The Invisibles) are teaming up for Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens.  Sonnenfeld will direct and Morrison will write the graphic novel and the screenplay.  The story takes place on a secret pre-historic Earth where aliens invade and super-intelligent dinosaurs are the planet’s only hope.  If the aliens have a device that chucks giant meteors at the planet, then spoiler alert: they won.  Also, I’m not sure how highly-intelligent dinosaurs behave.  Do they smoke pipes and read The Economist?

While the premise does seem like it came about because someone saw a kid playing with his dinosaur and aliens toys, I find it somewhat intriguing since I have no idea how they’ll introduce dialogue into the movie.  Will everything be subtitled?  If the dinosaurs talk, how does that not look silly?  Also, can aliens please get a break?  We mutilated them earlier this year in Battle: Los Angeles, and they’re going to be fighting against cowboys this summer.  Are we sending these movies into space as a warning?  In any event, the graphic novel will be published later this year.  Sonnenfeld is currently at work on another alien flick, Men in Black III.

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