‘The Hunger Games’ Director Developing AI Horror-Drama ‘Basilisk’ for FX

     September 8, 2016


Horror on TV has been blowing up in a big way. It’s not just the fact that AMC has both The Walking Dead and the increasingly fascinating Fear the Walking Dead, but also Guillermo del Toro‘s The Strain, which has quickly grown into one of the most entertaining series currently on TV. That’s not even mentioning the (canceled) elephants in the room, such as Penny Dreadful and the unparalleled Hannibal.


Image via Lionsgate

So, it’s not exactly surprising to hear that FX, who also house The Strain and the largely perfunctory American Horror Story, is getting in on the ground floor for another horror story. Rather than dealing with ancient, gross vampires and evil clowns (or whatever Ryan Murphy is up to over there), their next big horror series will be focused on AI and the rise of the machines in modern day life. As Deadline reports, the series is called Basilisk and it’s being overseen by The Walking Dead veteran Curtis Gwinn and The Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence. FX is currently developing the series with Lawrence set to produce and direct the series from Gwinn’s scripts. The writer, who has also worked closely with the Adult Swim team, will also be producing the project. This is how Deadline describes the story:

A gritty horror series that follows an atheistic college therapist and her computer-genius patient as they find themselves pulled into a plot to awaken a malevolent, god-like artificial intelligence.

This all sounds well and good, save the use of “gritty,” which is almost universally understood as overworked and needlessly grim. Still, considering the creative team, Basilisk certainly has the potential to be something worth watching in the coming year. At the very least, I’m interested to see what AI horror looks like exactly. If we’re talking Akira-level stuff, I’m so in. If we’re talking I, Robot, please don’t.


Image via Warner Bros.