Poll: Who Should Play Batgirl in Joss Whedon’s Movie?

     March 30, 2017


Frankly I’m still reeling from the news that we are (1) getting a Batgirl movie and (2) Joss Whedon is directing. Of all of the unexpected things in the DCEU … one also expects that this will certainly not be like the dark, sun-less films we’ve been getting from Zack Snyder. But as for what we can expect, well, at this stage anything is possible. We don’t even know yet which Batgirl story the movie will tell. The most recent comic incarnation has featured a much younger Batgirl in the form of Barbara Gordon, a recent college graduate as part of the New 52.

In that storyline, Gordon has already suffered through the events of The Killing Joke, and though she was a paraplegic, she regained her mobility after undergoing experimental surgery. However, she’s also dealing with PTSD and survivor’s guilt. A new set of Batgirl comics that will be launching under the DC Rebirth event, though, will restore some of the pre-Flashpoint storylines as well as incorporating events from The New 52.

So there are plenty of possibilities. Whedon’s story could feature any number of actresses he has worked with in the past, including Sarah Michelle Geller, Amy Acker, Eliza Dushku, or Summer Glau, but that would likely be a story that didn’t necessarily feature Batgirl as a recent college grad. The studio could also go with big names who are already starring in blockbuster franchises (like Felicity Jones, Alicia Vikander, Shailene Woodley or even Zoe Kravitz), or they could go with a more indie choice like Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Imogen Poots, Zoey Deutch, or Bel Powley.

But even though we don’t know anything about what direction this new movie will take, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun fan-casting! Some of our staff picks are below, but be sure to add yours in the comments:

Who Should Play Batgirl?

Eliza Dushku

Summer Glau

Felicity Jones

Alicia Vikander

Shailene Woodley

Karen Gillan

Chloe Grace Moretz

Hailee Steinfeld

Zoe Kravitz

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Imogen Poots

Zoey Deutch

Rose Leslie

Anna Kendrick

Rosa Salazar

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