BATMAN 1960s TV Series Finally Being Released This Year

     January 15, 2014


The 1960s Batman TV series a camp classic and delightful take on the famous character.  Some like him dark and brooding, but there’s no denying the fun of Adam West’s performance as the caped crusader, the “WHAM!” and “POW” title cards, and the unforgettable theme song just to name a few.  However, aside from the 1966 movie, the series has been unavailable on home release due to legal entanglements regarding ownership.  Thankfully, it looks like that obstacle has finally been overcome because the series is finally getting an official release.  Conan O’Brien made the announcement on his Twitter feed.  There are currently no other details other than Warner Bros. will release all 120 episodes together in a complete series box set.

Hit the jump to check out Conan’s tweet, which includes a photo of him standing next to the classic Batmobile.  And be sure to check back with us as we get more details on this set.  Same Bat-time.  Same Bat-channel.



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