Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Talks to Play The Riddler in BATMAN 3

     June 9, 2010


This item will probably end up being filed under “crazy Batman 3 casting rumors” when all is said and done, but it’s reasonable and interesting enough to report.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt reportedly joked with director Christopher Nolan on the set of Inception that he’d love to read for the next Batman film.  The more they joked, the more they actually came to like the idea.  And now Hollywood Life reports that Levitt is “on the shortlist” to play The Riddler.

This makes a lot more sense than the rumor that pegged Eddie Murphy as The Riddler.  But David Goyer is still working on the script, and there are two summers between us and the announced July 20, 2012 release date, so we’re likely months away from any official casting notices.  Though I am rather fond of the idea… At the very least, you can enjoy the pair’s work in Inception when it hits theaters on July 16th.

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