THE DARK KNIGHT RISES News Round-Up: Batman Hits the Snowy Streets of Downtown Pittsburgh; Promotional Batman Logo Shows up in the City

     July 28, 2011


Rather than devote an entire article to minor The Dark Knight Rises stories, we’ve rounded them into one piece for your enjoyment. Filming is currently underway in Pittsburgh and Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan gave a press conference [posted by via NolanFans] to express his gratitude for the city’s “generosity and hospitality.”  More importantly, he joked “I hope you’re all not cooler because of the fake snow.  I certainly won’t be stuck in that rubber suit all the time,” adding “We’ll be fighting on your streets a great deal.”  Nolan told took the microphone to say “We’re really looking to have the architecture of a major American city somewhat disrupted by the things we’re going to do.”  It sounds like once again Batman will be causing loads of property damage.  Nolan went on to say that they’ll be filming in downtown Pittsburgh for the next month.

Hit the jump to check out the fake Bat-Signal in Pittsburgh.  The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20, 2012. [Updated: We’ve now added video of the press conference after the jump.]

Here’s video of the press conference [via]:

To signal the commencement of filming in Pittsburgh, the Batman logo was splashed across a building.  To be clear, this is almost definitely not the Bat-Signal used in the movie (if it’s even in the movie) but just a promotional bit.  It’s still kind of fun anyway.

Click over to MovieViral to see a larger version:


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