New Details and First Images from BATMAN LIVE

     January 3, 2011

There are new details regarding the upcoming stage show Batman Live.  The Telegraph reports that this isn’t an ice-show or a musical, but,

“It’s a play of sorts, but it’s going to be performed in Britain’s biggest, grandest arenas rather than theatres. There will be acrobatics, pyrotechnics, stuntmen, supervillains and screeching Batmobiles on a 100ft-wide, 60ft-deep performance area. Behind them, a giant video wall will flash panels from comic strips and special effects, and give the appearance of interacting with the live performers on stage.”

Hit the jump for how Batman Live will be different than the train wreck of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark along with the first images from the show.

Unlike Spider-Man, which is the most expensive Broadway show of all-time and will need to be one of the most successful shows of all-time if it hopes to recoup its costs, Batman Live will be touring and at relatively cheaper prices.  The show is set to premiere in Manchester this July and then will travel to British and Irish cities over the following 11 weeks.  There will be three performances a day with each performance lasting around 85 minutes.

The show is set to open with the trapeze show that kills Robin’s parents.  The story, which was penned by Geoff Johns, has scenes that don’t last longer than two minutes.  And as for the razzle-dazzle,

“There will be an onstage disaster with a hot-air balloon and a Joker face whose eyes, teeth and hair are made up of dozens of dancers – each surely counting as one of what producer Nick Grace says are the show’s ‘seven or eight, “Wow!” moments’.”

Here’s are images of the set models being used for the show:




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