Will Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Take Place in Arkham Asylum?

     July 20, 2016


It’s never too early to start rumors about what we might be seeing in the next Batman movie. For a surprisingly large contingency, in fact, it seems to be the only news that really matters in the world of movie news. So, I can’t say I was super surprised when BOF reported today that there have been rumors from some friends of the site that Ben Affleck‘s anticipated Batman movie will involve the Bat getting locked up with a menacing crew in Arkham Asylum, the famed home of his most nefarious, incarcerated villains, from Joker and Mr. Freeze to Poison Ivy and Two-Face.


Image via Warner Bros.

Take this rumor with all the salt, sugar, pepper, and whatever other spices you’ve got around there, but considering that Affleck has suggested that his film will feature a lot of villains, it’s not exactly surprising or out of the realm of possibility. In fact, if we’re being perfectly honest, I could get really into a movie that has our Dark Knight facing off with a large cadre of his villains in the famed home. This would also push the director-writer to put more good actors in iconic roles of these villains, allowing the performers to swing for the fences when they might otherwise not. Can someone get me Kyle Chandler as Harvey Dent and Two Face? Katherine Waterston as Selina Kyle and Catwoman? Walton Goggins as Edward E. Nigma and The Riddler? I could go on like this, but I really must restrain myself.

For me, this would be ideal in a sense. There’s an urgency to that premise, one that might help cut down on the immense amount of story and exposition that weighed down Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and, to a far lesser extent, the Christopher Nolan trilogy. It would be nice to see the world’s greatest detective, which Bruce Wayne is essentially supposed to be, actually do some real sleuthing and problem solving to get out of Arkham, rather than explaining some bag of nonsense that a surprising amount of producers seem to think matters over good fight scenes, action, and wit. But, be mindful, this rumor is hugely dubious, and there’s just as good a chance that Affleck’s Batman will take place solely in the home of the League of Shadows at this point.


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Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.

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