‘Batman: Return to Arkham’ Trailer Heralds Remastered Video Game Franchise

     May 18, 2016


Now’s the perfect time to return to Arkham. Ben Affleck’s Batman was introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ahead of his appearance in next year’s Justice League: Part One and the inevitable solo Batman film. On top of everything going on in the DCEU, there’s the animated movie adaption of The Killing Joke, featuring Mark Hamill’s Joker. Amid all this hype comes the announcement trailer for Batman: Return to Arkham, which is a re-release of two classic DC video games.

Revealed today, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City are getting remastered — including all the DLCs ever released, according to the trailer — in a new video game bundle dubbed Return to Arkham. Pre-orders are available now via BatmanReturnToArkham.com for PS4 and Xbox One users. Watch the announcement below:

Released in 2009, Arkham Asylum sees the Joker (voiced by Hamill) unleashing the inmates of Gotham City’s madhouse for the sadistically insane, leaving The Dark Knight himself to wrangle them all up again. Arkham City, which debuted in 2012, built off this world by featuring a maximum security “home” from which the game gets its name. Located in the heart of Gotham, the setting held all of the city’s most ruthless and psychotic criminals.

It’s a great way for veteran fans of the games to see them in a new, more hi-res light, while complete newbies can experience the stories for the first time on the latest gaming consoles. Comic book lovers may still fuel the debate over Marvel vs. DC, but the latter has always held dominance over video games. In fact, seeing glimpses into these updated versions makes me wish Marvel stuck with that Avengers first-person fighter that never came to be.

Hamill will next reprise his voice role of the Joker for Batman: The Killing Joke, which will be rated R and release its deluxe edition and Blu-ray combo packs on August 2nd with a Digital HD copies dropping July 23rd.

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