Rumor: BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE Teaser Trailer to Arrive This Fall?

     October 23, 2014


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn’t due out until March 25, 2016, but is it possible we could see a teaser trailer this fall?  There’s an outlet reporting that the very first Batman v Superman teaser is finished and that it could be attached to a film coming out soon.

Which film?  They can’t confirm, but if this rumor is true, I’d put my money on another Warner Bros. release, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.  Hit the jump for more on this Batman v Superman teaser trailer rumor.

batman-v-superman-henry-cavillThe report comes from (via CBM).  The outlet claims to have insiders telling them that the first teaser trailer is “complete and ready to go.”  Their sources also say that it’ll be paired with a November or December film release. also pinpoints The Hobbit as the most likely option.

Again, this is an unconfirmed report, so treat it as a rumor, but if there really is a Batman v Superman teaser trailer coming so soon, the film is going to have one lengthy promotional campaign ahead of it.  For some films, dropping a trailer so many months prior to a release might be pointless, but this is Batman v Superman we’re talking about here.  It doesn’t really matter when Warner Bros. starts releasing promotional material because we’re going to see the film regardless.

However, what could matter is whether or not the footage in the promo is any good.  If this thing really does hit in the next few months and fails to impress, all we’ll be talking about for the next 15 months is if Batman v Superman even has a chance, and the whole DC lineup for that matter.  Making the stakes even higher for this supposed teaser trailer is that it’s reportedly “Batman heavy,” which would essentially make it our introduction to Ben Affleck‘s rendition of the character.

But again, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed this so there’s absolutely no guarantee we’ll get a Batman v Superman teaser trailer before the New Year at all.

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