‘Batman v Superman’: Jeremy Irons Teases “Finding a Different Angle” on Alfred

     January 28, 2016


There’s no shortage of high-profile characters getting a revamped incarnation in Zack Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but one of the most beloved might be Aflred — Bruce Wayne’s butler turned father figure, who is usually portrayed as a man who is as sage as he is devoted. Jeremy Irons takes on the role in Dawn of Justice, and he’s promising a new spin on the character.

In an interview with Empire, Irons explains how he felt the freedom to re-imagine the character because he knew they were “finding a different angle on Alfred”. So far, Alfred has had a fairly minimal presence in the trailers and promotional material we’ve seen, which is to be expected in a film that not only has two co-leads and all the supporting characters that come with them, but a new cinematic universe to forge on top of it all. In his appearances so far, Alfred has seemed to fulfill his standard role — the wise adviser and voice of reason, and it sounds like they have no intention of abandoning that side of the character. Said Irons, “Alfred has lived longer than Bruce, and so perhaps has a clearer perspective on life.”


Image via Warner Bros.

However, there will be some noticeable changes from the archetype of the paternal partner in crime. Some of it we’ve heard before. Irons repeats his previous statement that this will be a more “hands-on” version of the character, but adds enough for Empire to note there is “a special-ops background hinted at”.

As has been seen in number of the more modern Batman comics, and most recently on FOX’s prequel series Gotham, Alfred promises to be a much more handy and skillfull spin on the character. “He’s a man who can actually do anything if he has to,” says Irons.

Irons also revealed that Alfred doesn’t reside in the Wayne Manor, which has been destroyed, but at a “sleek lakeside residence,” which could speak volumes to changes in his relationship with Bruce if they don’t share that residence.

We’ll see how the new spin on Alfred Pennyworth measures up to the butler-turned-badass-father-figure we all know and love when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters on March 25th.


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