‘Batman v Superman’: Lauren Cohan Joins the Film in Iconic Role

     January 22, 2016


Though the highly anticipated superhero film is but a couple short months away, Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is still dropping casting announcements. It seems that The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan will be joining the film in a cameo role as Martha Wayne, wife of Thomas Wayne and mother of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. Few details are available regarding just how extensive the role will be or if Martha’s socially conscious comic book version will have any impact on the story.

EW reported that they confirmed Cohan’s casting as Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman, but that’s about as far as the story went. IMDb currently has another soon-to-be cast member of The Walking Dead Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Thomas Wayne, though we haven’t seen official confirmation of either role just yet. Though the appearance of the Waynes shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that this is a Batman movie, their pivotal role in the making of the Batman is one that might play out a little differently this time around.


Image via AMC

Affleck’s version of Batman will be different than anything audiences have seen on the big screen before. This Bruce Wayne is older, more grizzled, and presumably fed up with how things are going in the world, an outlook that tips the scales back towards vigilantism once Wayne sees Superman as an all-powerful evil that must be stopped. Considering all of this, Thomas and Martha Wayne have likely been dead for a long while, so the only time we’re likely to see Dean Morgan and Cohan on screen will probably be in a short, yet informative flashback sequence that establishes the painful event that caused Young Master Wayne to become the Batman.

If you need your fix of all things Cohan, you can see her on AMC when The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its sixth season on February 14th at 9pm. She also stars in the horror/thriller The Boy, in theaters now.

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