BATMAN V SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD Casts Assemble for Shared Movieverse Image

     July 15, 2015


Disney/Marvel may have been the studio that pioneered the shared cinematic universe as a way to highlight all of its comic book heroes and villains, but other big movie houses have been paying attention, watching and waiting to see how the grand experiment worked out. As Disney/Marvel prepares to kick off their Phase Three slate of films, Warner Bros./DC and 20th Century Fox/Marvel are just about to launch their own universes in earnest.

So when all of the superstars of these superhero movies gathered under one massive roof for San Diego Comic-Con 2015, some intrepid media folk decided that it would be a great idea to get the casts of these shared universes together in one image. The bigger-than-life heroes of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman alongside the anti-hero antics of David Ayer’s Suicide Squad? Great! The (presumably) last go-round for the heroes of X-Men: Apocalypse next to the relative newcomers of GambitDeadpool and Fantastic Four? Makes sense! We’ve got the images of the compiled casts together for you below, but they leave me with only one question. With all their wealth, status, and contractual obligations that keep them employed for years to come, would it kill these people to smile?

Take a look at the cast members of Warner Bros. and DC’s shared cinematic universe (via THR):


Image via Joe Pugliese/THR

And here’s a shot of some of 20th Century Fox and Marvel’s own movie-verse:

Did you miss all of Fox’s moviestars on stage along with comic book legend Stan Lee? If so, here it is!

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