‘Baywatch’ Movie Adds Model Kelly Rohrbach in Pamela Anderson’s Role

     January 4, 2016

baywatch-kelly-rohrback-sliceThe Baywatch movie continues to round out its cast of ripped, slim, and trim actors. It’s got two male leads with pecs of steel (Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson), it’s main female lead (Alexandria Daddario), and now it has its new Pamela Anderson.

Cast in the role of C.J. Parker is model Kelly Rohrbach, as announced on Instagram by Johnson. Posting a series of videos, the actor wrote in the captions that he had to make sure Rohrbach was tough (so he jokingly knocked her sideways on the sand) and, of course, looked “ridiculously sexy” running in slow motion. See for yourself if she pulls it off in the videos below.



In addition to modeling, Rohrbach has a decent-sized resume of acting credits, including roles on Two and a Half Men, the pilot for Rush (in which she played the appropriately named “young hottie”), and The PET Squad Files. She’s also been announced alongside Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, and Steve Carell in a new and still untitled Woody Allen pic. One would think Paramount would want a more high-profile casting choice for something as iconic as C.J. Parker, though perhaps the film will raise its newly minted blonde beach babe out of the realm of obscurity.

Johnson mentioned on Instagram how he “can’t wait to bring you our generation’s Baywatch,” which so far is looking to be a comedic raunch fest along the lines of Neighbors or Dirty Grandpa — and not just because both of those movies have Efron in them. Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses is directing the film, which is planning for an R rating. Johnson plays Mitch, a by-the-books lifeguard who finds himself teaming up with a young hothead (Efron) to stop an oil tycoon from wreaking environmental destruction. Daddario, meanwhile, is taking on the role of Summer Quinn, who was played by Nicole Eggert on the classic ‘90s TV series.


Image via NBC

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