Breaking BEANSTALK: Vince Gilligan Sells Fairy Tale Twist to Disney

     April 22, 2015


Vince Gilligan has come a long way since writing Hancock back in 2008. He created  one of the best TV shows of all time, Breaking Bad (in addition to writing and directing many of its episodes), and its so-far-so-good followup, Better Call Saul. But now he’s ready to dive back into the feature world. Or at least dip a toe in the shallow end of the pool.

Per Deadline, Disney has bought Beanstalk from Gilligan based on a “detailed outline” that he drafted. Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul writer Tom Schnauz will pen the actual script from this outline, but there’s a chance Gilligan could attach himself to direct the project. Gran Via’s Mark Johnson (who is behind both of Gilligan’s Albuquerque hour-longs) will produce.

There’s no doubting Gilligan’s (or Schauz’s) talent at this point in the execution department. I’m not sure if a Beanstalk movie is ultimately meant for me, but I think it has a better chance landing within my personal tastes with these two behind it. One would assume this project will maintain a reasonably safe distance from the approach taken on Jack the Giant Slayer.


Image via New Line Cinema.


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