Tim Burton Says BEETLEJUICE 2 Script Is “Pretty Good”, Hopes to Speak With Michael Keaton Soon

     December 16, 2014


For whatever reason I’m still pretty excited for Beetlejuice 2.  Maybe it’s the uptick in Tim Burton‘s quality of work in recent years.  After hitting a creative nadir with Alice In Wonderland (what a mindfuck it has to be when your worst movies are the most successful ones financially and your best ones, like Ed Wood, bomb the hardest) I actually really enjoyed Frankenweenie quite a bit.  And I hear good things about Big Eyes, so I’m considering the possibility that Burton has his mojo back after a few fallow years.

Burton recently spoke about the script for Beetlejuice 2 (written by Seth Grahame-Smith) calling it “pretty good.”  Which I hope is code for “great” since Burton is promising that this movie will happen.  Also confirmed?  Winona Ryder (though that’s really nothing new).  Pretty much confirmed?  Michael Keaton.  Hit the jump for more on Beetlejuice 2.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that Michael Keaton bit.  To hear Tim Burton talk to MTV, there’s no way the movie is happening without him.  It’s Keaton or bust:

“There’s only one Beetlejuice for sure.  And I haven’t really yet spoken to him because he’s out on his awards campaign so I can’t get to him now. “

Other than that, everything looks shiny for the project.  The only question now is, “when the hell do they finally get around to it?”


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